Some of the Kardashians are smarter than you think

2018-12-20 12:29
Kardashian sisters

They're relentlessly mocked for making money off their good looks rather than their brains. But love 'em or hate 'em, the Kardashians have to be doing something right – degree or no degree in tow.

We take a look at how far each sibling went in school – and some of them will take you by surprise!


After graduating from Marymount High School, Kourtney attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas for two years.

She then decided to transfer to the University of Arizona, which has a reputation for being one of the top party institutions in the country, but Kourtney (39) kept on the straight and narrow.

In 2002 she graduated with a degree in theatre arts with a minor in Spanish.


The mom-of-three was attending Pierce College and working the cash register at the family's Dash clothing store when KUWTK came along. She quit school shortly after that, writes. 

“If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school – just something I can do in my older age," Kim (38) told Wonderland Magazine.


The 34-year-old attended Marymount High like her older sisters, with all leaving soon after graduating. Khloé said apart from the fact that she struggled academically, she also felt really lonely because she had no company.

“I struggled really hard in school, so I took myself out of Marymount and forged my parents' names to enrol in Alexandria Academy," she wrote on her personal app in a post entitled Xoxo: All About My Education. 

"My dad was livid when he found out, and I was so scared, I was shaking."

Khloé excelled at the non-traditional school, writes, graduating with honours. She never furthered her education. "I knew college wasn't for me,” she said.


The sock mogul attended the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business and graduated from the prestigious institution with a bachelor's degree in 2009, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In a since-deleted tweet in 2012, Rob Kardashian (31) revealed he'd be returning to the university’s Gould School of Law to follow in his father's footsteps.

"Going to law school very soon and so excited and can't wait! School just never ends for me!" he wrote. But the university responded with a rather embarrassing tweet, saying Rob hadn't even applied to the institution.

"News to us. Wish him luck at the law school he's really attending," it tweeted.


The model left Sierra Canyon School in 2012 to be home-schooled by a private tutor. She reportedly graduated in 2014, but everything was kept hush-hush – rather odd for a family who live in the spotlight. Instead, Kendall (23) celebrated her graduation on the same night Kylie celebrated hers, in 2015.

"Graduating class of 2014 & 2015! Congrats @kendalljenner & @kyliejenner for graduating high school!" big sis Kim wrote in an Instagram caption.

Kendall also has no intentions of studying further. 

"You talk to people and they say the reason they went to college was to get a job, but I already have a job, so . . . " the supermodel told Vogue magazine. 


Kylie's struggles with a regular school were well-documented on the family's reality show.

The 21-year-old was eventually home-schooled through an institution called Laurel Springs High School, after quititng the same school as her older sister Kendall.

"I'm not going to college," she told Interview Magazine. "I have done everything to prepare for college, so if I wanted to in the future, I could go at any time. But I'm not planning on going anytime soon." 

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