5 GIFs of kittens! Because they are literally the greatest!

2014-05-15 13:11
Cape Town – We know the world is split into dog and cat people and that’s cool, but we’re here to tell you that kittens CANNOT BE DENIED as the greatest animal to share a life with.

You want proof you say? Well, we put it to you that these GIFs are more than enough evidence to support our claim!

Please consult points 1 through 5 because this is serious.

1) They’ll teach you how to dance!

2) They are the best dates to a St. Patrick’s Day fancy dress party EVER!

3) They’re totally self-cleaning, unlike most people!

4) They can fit into a biscuit packet and surprise you/make your day awesome!

5) Don’t worry if you’ve torn your favourite shirt…because they know how to sew!

IMPORTANT: Help save a kitten’s life! Join us at the Fluffy Fundraiser Concert to save the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre in Cape Town! The festival is taking place on Sunday, 18 May at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville. Get ALL the deets here!


  • theJoPot - 2014-05-15 14:35

    You misused the word 'literally'

  • Riaan Timson - 2014-05-15 16:05

    What is wrong with the editors at Media 24. The standard of reporting and quality of material is seriously lacking.

  • Lyndatjie - 2014-05-16 05:40

    Ai people - its a little "fluff" piece to draw your attention to the plight of the Uitsig Animal Centre... I so wish people would stop criticizing from lofty perches and rather applaud the writer's attempt to try and help this worthy cause. Good on you News24... Uitsig is in real trouble and I thank you for doing your little bit to help... Gratitude!!

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