Kelly Clarkson - Platinum selling princess of pop

2006-03-29 21:40

The original American Idols winner Kelly Clarkson's second album is aptly named Breakaway. With this (already double platinum) release, Kelly attempts to smash the Idol typecast and mould her own style.

Kelly has a versatile voice and can basically go in any direction she wants. But on Breakaway, it sounds like she wants to go in every direction. She is yet to find her place in the music world.

The title track is catchy, the type of sing-along song that will gain popularity quickly but will be forgotten just as fast. In "Since U Been Gone" and "Behind these hazel eyes" she sounds very similar to Avril Lavigne. Even the shorthand in the title is a popular Lavigne trait. "Addicted" reminds me of Pink a few years ago and "Where is your heart" of a LeAnn Rimes number.

Kelly Clarkson piggybacks on what works for other artists while still trying to make it her own. She falls horribly short, though "Beautiful Disaster" - a live recording from one of her concerts - saves the album from a being a complete flop.

Breakaway is a listenable but mediocre album with no real fresh appeal. Kelly has taken the safe route, and this stops her proving herself as a really great pop artist.

- Ashlin Simpson


" far as rock albums go among the teen pop set, Clarkson probably ranks somewhere among the top of her class. Kelly has a long way to go before we'll ever feel comfortable calling her anything besides an American Idol, but for now she has a sound that seems believable enough to support her considerable chops."
- Charlse Merwin for Stylus Magazine

"You can't help but wonder: Who is the real Kelly Clarkson, and when will she stop wearing her big sister's hand-me-downs?"
- Shirley Halperin for Rolling Stone

Listen to the sound clips and judge the music for yourself!

The Gorgeous Kelly Clarkson from Texas, USA, won the first American Idols contest and the public's heart with her lovely voice, sense of humour and good looks. Her first single shot to the top of the charts. Breakaway, her new CD, follows in the same vein. It's already sold over two million units in the USA alone, making Kelly Clarkson the No. 1 selling artist for 2005, so far.

lorna 2005/04/18 11:42
Kelly Like her name, this CD sounds simultaneously mature and bland. So much great stuff coming out of America. It's a pity stuff like this is so much more popular than, say, stuff by other young artists like Nelly McKay (Get Away from Me) who is so much more talented. She actually writes her own songs, for a start.
jacques 2005/04/19 09:05
very good very good
HELEN 2005/04/19 09:52
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Kevin Williams 2005/04/19 10:49
Breakaway Standard type singing nothing unique
kayleigh Kinnear 2005/04/19 16:02
Good stuff Her versitility from a soft pop to an almost punk rock is so fresh and amazing. She's not afraid to do something new, and why not? Kelly Clarkson
Nathan 2005/05/31 10:09
Breakaway Who would have thought that Kelly Clarkson will turn out to be a rockstar. And boy can she ROCK. Breakaway is and absolutely amazing album from someone that can actually SING. Highlights include the title track, Since you been gone, Behind these hazel eyes, Because of you, Gone and ofcourse the live track, Beautiful disaster. A must have for all who can appreciate a true talent. Good job Kelly in helping us Breakaway from the likes of Ciara, Beyonce, Janet and Mariah.
Daantjie Badenhorst 2005/12/13 20:43
At last American Idol gains credibility I must be honest; when I first heard Kelly Clarkson's first hit, A moment like this, I puked. What a piece of sentimental rubbish, I thought. Well, everything changed with the release of this album. Although the title track is probably the most beautiful pop song of the year, she has proved that she knows how to rock. Listen to songs like Since u been gone, Behind these hazel eyes and Gone, and you will know what I mean. This album has become deservedly popular, and long may it remain high on the charts.
SALLY 2005/12/28 14:05
COOL YEAH this actually one of the only idols who actually made it big time... i love her music and she aint that bad in acting she is also a kinda fashion guru... but i think she makes fabulous music!!!
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