‘Ally and I are taking things slow’ – Rey on her experience on Date My Family

2018-03-13 15:44

Cape Town - Date My Family always manages to keep black Twitter entertained on Sundays. From bringing people with big personalities together to capturing people’s meme-worthy moments, this Sunday’s episode brought us a bubbly, confident and wise young lady named Rey Letsooa.

Rey stole hearts with her positivity and great personality. DRUM caught up with her to find out about her experience on the show.

What was your experience on Date My Family like?

I really had a good time because it was a chance for me to learn. I learnt about myself and other people. I was well taken care of and even when I met the families it felt like I’d met them before. I didn’t feel like there was any awkwardness or anything.

How are things going between you and Ally? Are you guys a couple?

At the moment Ally and I are taking it slow. We aren’t dating but we’re getting to know each other and I feel that’s important because when it comes to dating you can’t just jump into a relationship without getting to know the person first. Ally and I are cautiously optimistic. We talk a lot on the phone and wherever we can speak. We are savouring the moment and it’s a work in progress. He’s going through a tough time and I’m doing my best to be there for him.

What were your expectations of show?

Funny enough a lot of people were discouraging me from entering the show but because I knew why I was doing it I went for it. When I got to Date My Family I was very open and since I’m a person who always hooks people up, I also wanted to open myself up to potential love. I expected to go in there to find potential love and I knew it might not happen but I wanted to just have the opportunity.

Your episode is being called “one of the best”, how do feel about that?

To be honest I was quite overwhelmed that people would fall in love with who I am. I was being myself and asking the things I really wanted to know and I appreciate that people saw and liked that. I was overwhelmed and shocked because I expected people to point out the negatives – as they usually do.

What inspired you to look for love onscreen and not on your own?

I think if you keep trying something and you get the same results then it means you should try something different. So I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted change and I took that step, that’s why I went on Date My Family. A friend of mine also supported my decision and encouraged me to put myself out there. I also don’t want to ask myself in 10 years’ time why I didn’t try this out.

Would you do it again?

I would definitely. I’m a romantic at heart plus being on the show gave people courage in the sense that they could see the difficulties I faced and how I did something about them. I would do it again because I don’t want to have regrets. I’m a firm believer of not having anything to lose when trying. There are people who message me asking me to be their mentor and telling me how they think differently now.

Which family was the worst and why?

I wouldn’t say they were the worst but I found Sugar’s family wasn’t really honest about some things. They didn’t really represent him well, some things didn’t make it to edit but there was a point where I asked his cousin what happened in his last relationship and she couldn’t answer. I wanted to get a sense of who he was and how he deals with things but she wanted to paint a perfect picture of him. I felt the family could have given me more and I kept begging but they still gave me generic answers.

What’s been your worst dating experience?

I had my first boyfriend when I was 18 and he was too territorial. I remember him asking me not to be friends with my guy friends anymore and he would tell me how he didn’t like the way they looked at me. I didn’t stay for long in that relationship because I felt policed and didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t trust me.

Any relationship advice?

It’s important to date yourself before dating someone else. Get to know yourself and what you like and be comfortable with yourself first. Ask yourself if you would date yourself and fall in love with you. If you’re in a relationship, don’t lose yourself in it by losing your identity.

Where to now for you?

I’m very passionate about empowering young women and inspiring them. I’ll continue to motivate people and be a mentor. I’d also like to get into television.

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