Kevin Smith talks about his new role on Suidooster

2017-09-05 11:56

Cape Town – Kevin Smith needs no introduction. The television actor has appeared in a number of local soapies and series in prime time making him one of the most recognisable faces. 

Just recently he hung up his hat as hard news man Frank Xavier in Isidingo

And now he is back on our screens from Wednesday, 6 September in the kykNET soapie Suidooster

We spoke to Kevin about his new role, being the newbie on set and reuniting with his TV son. 

Can you tell us a bit more about your character and what viewers can expect from him?

My character is a charming, strong and powerful personality, also very attractive. He comes into the space as an energetic character. He is direct and I think that's what makes him attractive to Lee-Ann. They seem to both see something in one another which they find attractive. Adam is very self- assured, very confident and that's also what Lee-Ann finds attractive in him. He recognises her for who she is. This is not about opposites attracting. It's more the similarities between them that they find attractive. This is a whirlwind romance.

You played Frank Xavier on Isidingo. Is he different or similar to your new character?

Frank was a hard and fast newsman and Adam is very different. Frank was business orientated and a peoples’ person. Adam is softer, gentler, more approachable. Adam has the ability to make people feel very comfortable quite quickly. Frank was far more abrasive and got under peoples’ skin for different reasons, not all of them positive. In terms of how they relate to women I think Adam is more self-aware and comfortable around women than what Frank ever was. Even though Frank had lots of affairs they were more the result of being pursued whereas Adam is more the charmer, the one who does the pursuing.

Maurice Paige recently joined Suidooster too. What was it like reuniting with your TV son? And will your character and his have a connection?

It was fantastic to see Maurice again. We always worked well together as actors, as father and son. Coming to Cape Town I was the new blood, the fresh face whereas when Maurice first came to Isidingo, I showed him the ropes. This time it was the other way around and he made me feel comfortable and helped me to settle. It was wonderful to see a known and friendly face. As much as I would love to have the two characters interact with one another, there is no story line that takes us in that direction.

You're the 'newbie' on the show, how have you been gelling with the rest of the cast?

Until Suidooster I've not been with a big cast other than Isidingo so this was an unfamiliar feeling for me. I was a bit uncertain, but Suidooster is a very well run production and the cast and crew are both very professional. They were very friendly and accommodating so they made the transition quite easy. I would like to believe that I settled in quite well with both the cast and the crew. I certainly developed respect for how they work and what they manage to produce, both the cast and the crew.

Before landing the role on the show, have you been following it and do you have a favourite character?

I watched the show prior to landing the role, but not with any regularity. I don’t have any particular favourite character. I like the different cultural explorations that the families go on. Suidooster is all about community as well as individuals. I love the youngsters with their care free attitudes and then the more mature characters dealing with more adult issues. But I really liked the conflict between Ian and the October family and the character of Lee-Ann. The wickedness of Ian and the steadfastness of Lee-Ann. Even though I watched it prior to coming onto the show it was only after working on the show that I really got into the stories of all the different characters.

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Tune in to Suidooster Monday - Thursday at 18:30 on kykNET (DStv 144). 

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