2019-12-12 15:45
(PHOTO: Scandal!Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:30

Channel : E TV 

Date: 11 Dec-17 Dec

Xolile unwittingly gives Chumani reason to fear for his mortal soul.

Two pacts are made to preserve two professional situations.

Madness looms for Kgosi and Kabza and they agree to take drastic action to ward it off.

A stolen item miraculously reappears, and Gloria is appeased. 

Chumani is very intrigued by a new person in his life but Boniswa is scared by the development. 

A dangerous thought is placed in Kgosi's mind.

Boniswa is disturbed by the presence of a young woman.

Quinton's passion for excitement starts to become addictive.

Kgosi wants to carry out another plan which could get him into big trouble.

Chumani wants to believe he is home free but the truth has many ways of coming out.

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