6 local entertainment stories you might have missed this weekend

2016-09-12 07:06


Local news
The top local entertainment stories. (Photos: Supplied/Getty/Channel24)

Cape Town – If you were offline for the weekend you might have missed some of the big local entertainment stories.

Like Trevor Noah explaining SA’s squeaky condoms to America, or Jack Parow’s awkward moment at the Thank You SABC concert.

Or AKA tweeting that he’s single.

Don’t worry. Below are the top 6 local entertainment scoops you might have missed:

1) AKA says he's single then deletes tweet

AKA (Photo credit: Screencap, Instagram/akaworldwi

2) Trevor Noah explains SA's squeaky condoms to America

3) SABC cannot fill up Orlando Stadium

4) Jack Parow felt 'uncomfortable and unwelcome' at SABC concert

Jack Parow

5) Die Antwoord to call it quits in 2017

die antwoord

6) WATCH: Rudi Smit teaches us that Meghan Trainor viral dance


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(Photos: Supplied/Getty/Channel24)