Buckets of blessings for Summary

2017-10-24 11:54
comedian, summary

STAND-UP comedian, Thabo Kgaphola best known as Summary, broke into the comedy industry two years ago and now he is collecting awards everywhere he goes. The breakout star grew up in a shack in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg, and was raised by an unemployed mother and a father who did odd jobs as a carpenter. Summary says he always made fun of his situation to avoid feeling the pressure of not having proper clothes, shoes and food.  


His resilience and love for the spotlight started at an early age while he was still at school. He enjoyed being the class clown and has never stopped making people laugh with his witty jokes. “Being in class was never a problem for me, except I felt that the teachers liked to steal my spotlight,” says the comedian, who is in his mid 20's. When one lives and breathes his career, it becomes a tremendous success and Summary is the perfect example. “I chose stand-up comedy because that’s who I am. I am a very outspoken person and above all, I love seeing people happy, laughing and smiling. It’s my purpose to talk, inspire and motivate. Comedy is personal for me, and I excel at it more than at anything else. I am talkative and have a lot to say, so I need a microphone.”


One thing that sets stand-up comedians apart from each other is the type of material they use and where it comes from. Most people want to relate and this is why Summary is loved by many even though he is fairly new to the scene. “My comedy is based on my daily life experiences and I focus on human behaviour and awkward things. I had my first stand-up gig around April 2015 then went to do other open spots around Melville in Johannesburg.” Summary worries when his audience doesn't laugh at his jokes but says he has found a way of dealing with such situations. “It's so painful but you have to make a plan. Find something to close the gap. If people don’t laugh it’s either I make fun of the situation or get something to replace that awkward moment with,” says Summary. Asked how he got the name, Summary, he says, “There was a talent show at church and people knew what they wanted to perform, but I didn't. When it was my turn, I told the audience I was going to summarise everything the other contestants did.”


Summary couldn’t hold his excitement after winning his second award at the DStv MZansi Magic Viewers Choice Awards. He got his first award at the 2016 Savanna Audience Comics Choice Awards. “Winning is an experience you can’t describe. You can only smile and say 'God you are alive and do answer our calls'. Being up against big guns such as Mashabela and Skhumba was unbelievable. It's clear if God says it's your time, nobody can say no.”

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