DJ Tira’s friend steals from his home

2017-12-18 14:10
 ~ PIC: Instagram

This weekend, Gugu Khathi, wife of DJ Tira, posted on her social media that a close family friend had stolen jewelery, clothes and precious belongings from their home in Sandton. 

“He took anything from Bulgari to Gucci watch and sneakers and my Swarovski jewels from my birthday to anniversary gifts [sic],” Gugu claimed.

According to Gugu, teh family friend had been stealing from them since February and when they realised some of their items were missing, they thought it was one of their helpers.

“We sat our helpers down and questioned them to see if one of them had stolen and they all seemed innocent. One of the helpers told us she remembers the friend coming into the house; running upstairs and quickly going out on the same day I lost my Swarovski jewelry,”  Gugu’s post claimed

Gugu says teh accused had access to their home because he’s a personal trainer to many people in their estate and they allowed him into their house because they became close. 

“I treated him like one of my sons. We allowed him to do as he pleases and he took advantage of our kindness,” she said. 

Gugu says after realising it was him they went to his place and found some of their items. “We did not even realize some of the things had been missing; we found watches, bags, shoes that he had been selling on the internet and selling to some of his friends. He didn’t even apologize but kept denying it and making up stories,” she says in the post.  

Gugu claims she and Tira laid theft charges against the alleged thief and he was arrested but released on bail two days later. “After he was out on bail he attempted suicide and took some pills. I sent him a long heartfelt message expressing how disappointed we were because we really loved him,” Gugu says.

She says she and Tira would hate to see their friend jailed but they don’t want him to steal again.The accused was not available for comment.