Kagiso Modupe gets bitten by the radio bug

2017-11-07 18:01
Kagiso Modupe. (Photo: Supplied to DRUM)

Johannesburg - He’s well-known for his role as Mangi on Scandal! but Kagiso Modupe is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, TV and film director/producer, musician, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Brothers for Life Ambassador - and now, he’s entered the world of radio.

He announced that he’ll be on the drive-time show on CliffCentral from 15 November on the DJ Sbu’s breakfast show, and Sbu then went on to tweet it to his followers.

Drum caught up with Kagiso to find out more.

We know you as an actor. Why did you decide to venture into radio?

“When the year started I set 17 goals for myself to achieve this year. I was born on 17 April, so I that’s why I set 17 goals. Going on radio was the fifteenth goal that I’ve achieved so far. I’m usually on radio for just a day as a celebrity guest, so I had a chat with Gareth and he mentioned that he’d like to get me on board. I still hope to secure and achieve my sixteenth and seventeenth goals.”

You’re a busy man already. How will you juggle your time?

“I always say that you make a way. I don’t believe in people saying they’re too busy to do something. I’m a juggler. I’ve always been a juggler and I bring new energy to everything I do.”

Since you’re an actor, do you feel that grounding makes it easier to get into radio or other fields in the media?

“I don’t believe in having an arrogant approach to things - thinking that since I’m already on television, now I can do this. I take time to build myself up and learn the guidelines.”

When did the passion for radio start?

“I’ve always had a passion for radio. I love interacting with people, so when I got into the industry, I wanted to take everything one step at the time. My cousin is on radio, so I was fortunate to receive advice and mentorship from him.”

What can we expect from Kagiso in the future?

“I’m currently working on my seventeenth goal, which is shooting a movie with my daughter. More broadly, I want to change the industry. I want to change the lives of performers and become an activist whether in music or acting.”