Oskido on Bongo Maffin’s new album: ‘It’s important to empower our artists’

2018-04-12 09:51
PHOTO: Bongo Maffin Instagram

Their recent performance at the One Source Live music concert last month took the audience back to the amazing early 2000s.

With an uncategorised fusion of reggae, kwaito, pop, hip- hop, jazz and R&B singalongs Bongo Maffin announced recently that they’ll be working on a new album.

“We will be releasing a full album in September and dropping a single very soon,” said band member Speedy.

Not yet able to divulge too much information about their coming project they did, however, say they’ll be partnering with Kalawa Jazmee.

Kalawa bigwig Oskido shared his excitement with DRUM for the upcoming project. “It’s important to empower our artists, we have signed a 50-50 deal with the artists for them to become a business and not just be artists forever,” he said.

The music mogul says they haven’t yet done anything in the studio but they’re planning to be creative and take things as they come.

“What works is that we go into the studio and just go with the flow and see what comes out – sometimes when you plan too much things don’t work out but we are all very excited about the deal.”

Feeling positive about the project Oskido says he knows Bongo Maffin will produce hits.