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Thando Thabethe on her upcoming show, wedding preparations and more

2017-10-31 12:14
PIC: Dino Codevilla

Back in August, radio and TV personality Thando Thabethe took to Instagram to announce the launch of her own talk show, Thando Bares All, on TLC.

DRUM caught up with her during shooting.

What do you enjoy most about the show?

The awesome people I meet in every episode.

What is the most bizarre thing you’ve come across while doing the show?

A guest who is a naturist, nudist and sexologist to name a few. She goes to events naked.

How is Thando Bares All different from other shows on TLC?

It’s actually about all the other shows that are on TLC. It’s centred on different people who live extraordinary lives and sitting down to have conversations about them.

What can viewers expect from the show?

Weird and wonderful things.

Since you’re also a DJ, can we expect a song from you soon?

No, only DJ-ing for now.

Will you be acting again soon?

Yes. I start production on a film in a week. However, I can’t say much about it for now.

Is there a dream role you’d like to play?

I just want to play different roles because I’ve played the same character for three years.

Is the Thabooty Underwear and Shapewear range out yet?

The launch is actually this Thursday.

How are your wedding preparations coming along?

They’re not coming along because I’ve been working, haha.