Amor Vittone: I was in a dark place

2017-10-10 13:46
Amor Vittone
Amor Vittone (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Local Afrikaans singer Amor Vittone spoke to radio host Eddie Dippenaar on Bosveld Stereo about being a mom, her role on 7de Laan and her recording career. 


The Afrikaans singer and TV host explains that she is mother "first and foremost." "Like everyone else, I'm a woman who runs around everywhere with my children's extra mural activities," she says.

Amor's two children Kylie (10) and Jordan (13) are in two different schools that are far apart so she has to plan her day that she finishes all her errands in the morning.

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But that's not always that easy she says: "If I have to record the whole day then I try and delegate. And I think it's very hard for women to do it, because we feel like we have to do it and carry all the responsibility ourselves."

"Sometimes you just have to say: 'I can't do everything,'" she says.

Luckily the 45-year-old has the support and love of her family and friends: "My mom is always on standby and my father is amazing. I have the most wonderful parents that support me, I have a very supportive circle of friends, and good girlfriends that always help me out."


Amor joined the cast of the popular Afrikaans soapie 7de Laan last year, as Zelda. But never thought that the producers would ask her to come back, following her exit. 

She explains that acting is not a 07:00 to 19:00 job, saying: "Your day starts when you get home [from set] and you have to learn your script. You can't mix up a 'an' or a 'of,' you have to stick to your script." 

"After I put my children to bed I go lay in the bath with a glass of wine, and my script. I quickly read through everything and then I study until about 01:00. I get up again at around 04:00 to study until about 06:00 and then I'm back on set at around 07:00. When I'm on 7de Laan I sleep between two and three hours a night," she says. 


Speaking about her single Sprei my vlerke (Spread my wings) Amor says: " I wrote the song two years ago. It was a very difficult time, Joost was very sick."

"It was difficult to communicate with him and difficult for the children to communicate with their father. And there was a lot of pressure on me. I had to spread my wings, I was in a bad and dark place in my life," she adds.  

Amor says that song is very personal to her and during that time in her life she was in a very negative space, and felt like she living a dream. 

"People can relate because everyone has their own problems" and adds: "But you won't understand that person's specific problem until you walked in their shoes. 

"I get those days when I'm sad. I'm just a person," and says when she feels down she often cries in the bath.  

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Amor, who's received mixed responses on social media, following the death of her estranged husband Joost, encourages people not to let social media define them: "People are rude on social media to make them feel better about themselves. Don't let other people's opinions form your identity."

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"I've been through a lot, and I have a lot to say. Sometimes the media makes you out to be someone else. And I don't have to explain myself," she says.