Bystander: 6 shots fired in Mandla Hlatshwayo shooting

2017-05-15 11:55


Mandla Hlatshwayo
Mandla Hlatshwayo (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - According to a bystander at Meli Lounge in Soweto, six shots were fired in the shooting that killed former Generations actor Mandla Hlatshwayo and his friend. 

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A bystander who did not want to be named said that the incident took place around 23:00 on Sunday night.

"Two ladies were outside being robbed from their cellphones. 'Chom Chom' was standing by the glass and got shot. Mandla went outside to try and assist and he also got shot."

According to the bystander there were four gunmen and six shots were fired. "Two hit Chom Chom and two hit Mandla," the bystander added.

It is unclear what happened to the women who were involved in the incident. 

According to Mandla's close friend Mpho Mhlongo a bystander who lives across the road from the pub where the incident took place said that she heard a woman scream and the voice of a man yelling "stop" or "whoah, whoah." 

Neighbours say they didn't see anything. Some say they heard gunshots but because it was so late they didn't come out.

Police spokesperson Captain Hitler Mgwenya confirmed that two people were shot dead at a pub in Pimville at 23:00 on Sunday night. 

Mgwenya added that the victims tried to help other people in the pub who were being robbed.

Following the tragic incidents tributes continue to pour in on social media.  

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