GoodLuck is hosting a web series during the lockdown, and the first episode is here

2020-04-08 13:19
Juliet Harding, GoodLuck
Juliet Harding, GoodLuck (Photo: Supplied/GoodLuck)

Our local stars are finding ways to keep everyone entertained during this lockdown, and we love it. While Chris Forrest is hosting a virtual quiz game show, GoodLuck are presenting their very own web series. 

"The innovative series looks to inspire positivity and hope in a time of uncertainty and bring people together, while apart from their own space," the press statement read. 

The show, called The Luck Down, will include "old and new friends of GoodLuck – everything from comedians & cooks, to life coaches, to other well-known artists and pioneers in their fields, as well as everyday South Africans making the most of their current situation and news of feel good stories (sic)."

The first episode was streamed live on Tuesday 7 April, with clips from chef Jonno Proudfoot and YouTuber Dan Mace's lockdown wedding. 

The Luck Down will stream every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 09:30 across all of GoodLuck's social media platforms.