Kelly rates her presenting skills

2017-11-20 12:40
 Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo. (Photo: LM Relations/Supplied)

Multi-talented artist Kelly Khumalo who is the host of Love and Matrimony on GauTV thinks her presenting skills are not worth watching. Kelly revealed on Real Talk with Anele that she is not good at all. “I think I am horrible…I’ve always known,” she says with laughter. She says she keeps on wondering what she is doing during the show.

“The thing is, I always want to try new things. So, I was like, let me try this. Halfway through it, I’m like I don’t want to do this,” says burst out laughing. She says even her presenter friends agree that she’s not good. “All my presenter friends are laughing at me. They tell me, oh friend you’re going down,” she reveals.

She attributes her insecurities to being a perfectionist. “If I don’t feel perfect in that area I always panic. With my singing I do it with my eyes closed. So, I wanna do something I can do with my eyes closed. With presenting that’s not the case. I need to keep my eyes wide open and be aware,” she told Anele.

She got some pointers from Anele who has experience in both radio and television.

Despite all her insecurities about presenting, she reveals that the ratings for the show were doing well.