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Lerato Sengadi listens to HHP's music for the first time again in 90 days

2019-01-25 13:14
Lerato Sengadi, HHP
Lerato Sengadi, HHP (Photo: Legato Sengadi)

Johannesburg – In an Instagram post Lerato Sengadi admitted that while mourning HHP's death she had cried "for 89 consecutive days". 

The star shared with fans that for the first time in 90 days she would once again listen to her husband's music, doing it as a way to celebrate his life. 

"After crying for 89 consecutive days, mourning a love lost, on the 90th day I choose to celebrate a life I was blessed to be a part of. One that has moulded me into the Queen I am becoming. Today I will play ur music for the first time in 90 days and sing along like I always did before. So if the tears wanna come back they're just gonna have to wait until tomorrow because today I'm celebrating you Motho waka," she wrote. 

HHP died in October 2018 at the age of 38.