Local duo SNAPBVCK tell us about their debut EP

2017-12-05 19:00
SNAPBVCK (Photo: Llewellyn Makhanya/Beatmonks Photography)

Johannesburg – After gaining attention with their hilarious take on what some local hits would have sounded like in the 80s, Durban-based musos SNAPBVCK have announced the release of their debut EP Forget The Name

The Juice caught up with the duo, made up of Ryan James and Rhys Fataar, to find out more about them and what fans can expect from their EP. 

Check out our chat below: 

Describe SNAPBVCK in 3 words. 

“Groove, soul, electronic.” 

How was SNAPBVCK formed? 

“Back in 2015 a bunch of us rented a studio in Durban together. After some messing around with music and concepts, SNAPBVCK was formed.” 

What should fans expect from your EP? 

“Something different within the SA music scene – a feeling of refreshment.” 

What’s your favourite track on the EP? 

Rhys: “It’s really difficult to pinpoint a track but I feel that my personal favourite is Kasi Friday with Refi Sings and Thabiso Lavish.” 

Ryan: “Though they are all meaningful and we love them all my personal favourite would have to be Flux.” 

Who is one artist you would most like to collaborate with? 

Daft Punk 

If you were not doing music, what else would you be doing? 

Rhys: “I’ve always wanted to open up my own pub/bar and hopefully in time, I’ll have my own place!” 

Ryan: “Probably an inventor/entrepreneur.”