Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong opens a health food restaurant

2018-02-12 18:25
PHOTO: Mapaseka Koetle -Nyokong

Johannesburg - A wise man once said beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal. Scandal!’s Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong is a perfect example of beauty and brains. The Bloemfontein-born actress recently opened Gorge Grab n Go Cafe, a health-food takeaway spot in Johannesburg, and people are loving itce.

Mapaseka, who plays Dintle on soapie, says Gorge is a franchise that sells healthy sandwiches, coffee and smoothies – everything is organic, fresh and free-range. “After giving birth to my daughter I started living a very healthy lifestyle and I would frequent the franchise because that’s where I would buy the best health food – I fell in love with everything from the décor, the look and feel to the amazing sandwiches.”

Always wanting to have a business of her own, she and her husband decided to open a Gorge franchise of their own. “The restaurant idea came much later. My hubby is the one who always loved the food industry so he came with the idea of us opening our own restaurant,” Mapaseka says.

She’s also inspired by seeing people changing their lifestyles. “My friends and family inspired me and motivated me to eat healthily and take care of myself and I wanted to share that with other people.”

 Visit Gorge Grab n Go Cafe on the corner of Stella and West Streets in Sandton.

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