Nothing scandalous about Joyce Skefu

2017-09-29 07:00
Actress Joyce Skefu

SHE started out as a prostitute when she first joined’s Scandal! and later transformed into a Christian who has devoted her life to helping others. Joyce Skefu has been on Scandal for 12 years, which she describes as pure bliss, with every year on the show having different dynamics and storylines. She says she is grateful that she has been given the opportunity to showcase her talent for this long.


Joyce was born in Botswana, but went to live with her grandmother in Bloemfontein a few years later as her parents were working in Johannesburg. “I moved in with my parents after matric to continue with my studies,” says the actress. She explains that her late parents were against the idea of her becoming an actress, but she went against their will. “I lied to them in order for them to allow me to study drama as they wanted me to study teaching. They wanted me to have a career that would get me a job as soon as I finished studying,” she says. “But I had a passion for acting and I did theatre for years and travelled a lot until Muvhango headhunted me to play Doris.”


The single mother of two, a girl and boy, was married, but sadly her husband passed away. She says she doesn’t want to talk much about her husband’s death as it was a sad time for her, but she has since moved on. Joyce faced more trying times when she was involved in two car accidents in 2010 and 2014. However, these did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. “I never knew I had so much strength in me. I pushed myself to go to physiotherapy and, although I was swollen and in pain, I still went to work like nothing happened,” she says. She adds that surviving the accidents gave her a second chance to do what she loves and make her mark. “I don’t believe in retiring. This industry can be cruel, but I believe that if you do what you really love, you will retire when you pass on,” she says. 


Joyce says her staying power in the industry comes down to talent, experience and opportunities. “I thank God for giving me another chance and letting me continue to do what I do, especially being able to teach the young people that I work with.” She says she still has a lot to give although it’s been 12 years since she joined Scandal. ”The excitement wore off over the years, but I am still in love with what I do. None of it comes easy, it’s all hard work,” she says. She tells Move! that she is looking forward to the future and to helping those who are passionate about acting. “I want to teach children who love acting and help them learn the basics of being in the industry,” she says.

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