Ntando Duma opens up about her mom

2017-09-13 11:32
Photo: Sharon Seretlo

DRUM recently caught up with actress and new mom Ntando Duma to chat about her mom.

What did you get for your mom for Mothers Day?

Since she loves fragrances, I got her one as well as a handbag, sandals,  a pair of shoes and a matte lipstick.

What’s your relationship with your mother like?

It’s a normal mother-daughter relationship. She doesn’t care about my celebrity life. At home I still do all the chores I did growing up.

What do you and your mom do for fun?

We love shopping so we go on shopping sprees. We do our hair and nails together; we love pampering ourselves.

What’s the weirdest thing you and your mother have done?

When I was seven my mother and  I ate pap with cockroaches. She was trying them out so I joined her.  

What’s new in your career?

I’m working on a TV production, but I can’t reveal details right now. I’ll also be producing a radio show soon.