WATCH: Casper de Vries makes light of being found 'bloodied, bruised and naked' in street

2018-12-13 11:12
Casper de Vries
Casper de Vries (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - In true comedian style Casper de Vries has taken to Instagram to make light of an incident that left him "bloodied, naked and bruised" in the streets of Linden, Gauteng.

The well-known funnyman was found passed out, close to his home, by fellow comedian Deep Fried Man on Monday.

"Never drink sleepingpills and then wash it down with clean SKYY vodka. @deepfriedman found me passed out naked in the streets of Linden, bruised and bloodied. [sic]" he wrote on Instagram.

A series of photos showing a bruised Casper, accompanied the caption. (READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Using the popular app MadLipz, Casper created a voice-over parody of the incident, manipulating a movie scene from the 1993 classic Leprechaun featuring Jennifer Aniston.

In the clip, he voices a man hanging bloodied and upside down from the ceiling, saying: "It's nice when the blood rushes to your head. It's good for you. I will always say four sleeping pills, and clean vodka and Bob's your uncle." 


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