Atandwa & Fiks focus on being happy

2016-01-08 08:00


Fikile Mthwalo, Atandwa Kani (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Atandwa Kani and Fikile Mthwalo seem unfazed by the controversy surrounding them. 

Instead the lovebirds are focusing on being happy, and showing the world how in love they are. 

Last Sunday Atandwa made headlines after it emerged that he is allegedly not the father to twin boys with his ex-wife, Thembisa Mdoda. 

Sunday Sun reported that during their divorce proceedings a paternity test revealed that he is allegedly not the father. At the time, Atandwa apparently verified the rumours. (Read more on that here

The news came as a shock to fans, which quickly caused both Atandwa and Thembisa to trend on social media. 

Other than commenting to the paper, both Atandwa and Thembisa have been mum on social media about the matter. 

It seems like Atandwa's response to the commentary around the situation is to focus on being happy. 

Atandwa recently took to social media to express just how happy Fiks makes him.

"#TheCourageToBeHappy "Love" fails to fully describe and capture the way I feel about you...So until we find another word my @fiksie, I love you," he wrote. 

Now isn't that just the most romantic thing you've heard?