Lalla Hirayama takes revenge in the gym

2016-01-06 16:00


Lalla Hirayama (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Sjoe

Lalla has been on a mission lately to make that sexy bod of hers even sexier. 

In December, fans were left saddened when The Juice exclusively revealed that Lalla and her boyfriend, Chris Nkosi had called it quits after five years together. (Read more on that here)

Lalla and Chris certainly became one of Mzansi's much-loved couples over the years. 

But all of that has been left in 2015. 

Lalla seems to be doing more than okay. The TV star is stepping into 2016 like a beast, and first on her list is getting even more physically and mentally fit. 

Check out Lalla in action...

@waynedeste got no chill. Me neither Team #TooFitToGiveAShhh #MamaNinja #Beasting

A video posted by Lalla Hirayama ?? ?? (@lalla_hirayama) on

@waynedeste got me sliding into 2016 like.... #Imgettingmine #mamaninja #TooFitToGiveASsshhh ...

A video posted by Lalla Hirayama ?? ?? (@lalla_hirayama) on

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