MKRSA season 2 champs Rox and Spoen reveal what they are going to do with that million bucks!

2018-10-08 07:17
My Kitchen Rules SA season two winners Rox and Spo

Johannesburg – The 2018 My Kitchen Rules SA champions have been crowned! 

Fun-loving farm girls Rox and Spoen beat newly engaged couple Kim and Pashi by eight points in Sunday's grand finale. 

Here's what the sisters had to say about their experience, their food plans, what they're going to do with the money and what it's like being 'famous' now.

On taking the title

Rox: It doesn’t feel real yet, we are still in shock. We're very blessed and feel super-privilleged. I am sure everybody says that but we are super-grateful for our community and everyone who backed us.

On reliving their final cook

Spoen: It was stressful watching it again. We thought that we weren’t going to pull through. Kim and Pashi did very well and when we went up on stage, we thought they won. But when we saw the scores it just clicked and we started smiling.

Rox: It feels so good to win against a team like Kim and Pashi because we really liked them. It was never about winning for us. It was just doing our best on the day. We encouraged each other on the day which I think was so special.

On what inspired their final menu

Rox: We just went back to our roots. We are beef and crop farmers and our mains was beef cheek and every item incorporated vegetables and things that we grow at home. These were things that we were most comfortable with.

My Kitchen Rules SA season two winners Rox and Spo

On the dishes they are most proud of

Rox: Specific dishes are our mielie dish which we made in the first round of group challenges. That is just a beautiful dish, unassuming, packed with flavour. 

Spoen: I would also say in the semi-final our aubergine dip and the dessert for the final. We were really worried about it but it looked like it paid off. 

Rox: I think that dish probably made us win because we put ourselves out there.

On what they plan to do with the money

Spoen: We really felt touched by Chris and Ash’s foundation and what they are doing there. It is just really awesome. We would like to give a portion of our money to them. With the rest of the money we have some small plans and some big plans. 

Rox: We live in a local Zulu community, we have grown up in a rural environment. Our Zulu staff and the people who live around us and our farm are the most incredible people. Sindisiwe, who works with us, is one of the most incredible women in the world. She stays late with us cooking just because she loves it. She is our best friend at home. We thought if we won we would buy her a mode of transport. She bakes so well and teaches us a lot. We can’t wait to tell her, she is going to lose her mind. 

MKRSA season 2 winners, Rox and Spoen

On what’s next on their food journey

Spoen: We will be doing some pop-up restaurants where we host a couple of people in the middle of nowhere. Fifteen guests and we would cook at the end of the table. Just experience a three course meal with us. We have planned three pop-up restaurants and they are already sold out. 

Rox: We have a little lodge at home which Spoen is building and managing it. We are building a little restaurant there. Our main focus is on this large vegetable garden there. Our passion is to grow produce and teach people how to.

On suddenly being famous

Rox: It is so much fun the best thing is that the kids run up to us and they want photos with us. We are just mini famous now and then. The fact that we are famous in our hometown is enough for us.  

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(Photos supplied: M-Net)

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