Is Cassper Nyovest shopping his broken heart away?

2016-04-19 08:17


Cassper Nyovest. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town – Hip-hop star Cassper Nyovest seems to be shopping the pain of his recent breakup away.

Cassper and TV personality Boity Thulo split late last year after dating for five months.

Boity confirmed the split in March this year during an exclusive interview with True Love magazine.

"We broke up in December and I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that it's okay then eventually you are just like life actually continues," Boity said in a video posted by the magazine.

The song

Just last week Cassper released a song detailing his heartache over the breakup.

In the song Super Ex/Power Couple, Cassper details his feelings: "Man I just broke up with my girlfriend/She used to mean the world/Maybe I am just committed to the music, maybe I'm stupid, too much of a cool kid."

He adds: "What if she finds another rap and they fall in love with each other and live happily forever/Sometimes I find myself feeling lonely/Thinking what if she really was my soulmate."

The Rolex

It seems this pain is too much for Cassper to handle and he’s turning to retail therapy to fill the void.

Last week Cassper revealed on Instagram that he had bought an expensive Rolex Day-Date President. It’s typically bought by people who know how to spend their money on luxury.

The Bentley

Shortly after that Cassper showed off his hot new Bentley.

He said: "I used to dream about days like these. I'm just a young black kid from the hood who had a dream and I can't believe how far we've come.

"I want all the kids in the hood to know that you can do anything under the sun if you pray and work hard!!! All glory to God. Words can't explain how I feel."

The house

On Monday Cassper posted a pic on his Instagram revealing that he has bought property via luxury real estate agency, Sotheby.

Cassper said: "Just bought some property in the upper... To God be the glory... Anything is possible... Work hard and pray harder!"

The money

Earlier this year Cassper let it slip on Twitter that he made more than R8m from shows alone last year.

Answering a tweet from a fan that was questioning his wealth, Cassper wrote: "Lmao... Don't lie to yourself. I made 8 mill just from shows last year." (Read more here)

Cassper works very hard and deserves to spoil himself anyway he wishes. We just hope his broken heart heals before he spends all his money.